An ancient tree welcomes visitors arriving in Can Alemany. We also welcome you with open arms. Can Alemany is an ideal place to rest and relax. A place to disconnect, let go, and simply connect with nature.

Can Alemany history

Can Alemany is restored and renovated and with the desire not to lose an important legacy for its people.

Can Alemany, formerly known as Mas Salamones during the nineteenth century, is one of the oldest farmhouses in Santa Margarida de Montbui. During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the expansion of wheat cultivations, and most specifically vineyards, enrich most of the area farms and its heritage.

After some years of neglect, in 2014, Can Alemany is restored and renovated with the desire to contribute to a more sustainable tourism, a growing green economy and the desire not to lose an important legacy for its people.

Familiar project

The Can Alemany project was born in 2014 with the aim of preserving some rural areas very important to the region. The old farmhouse has been renovated with bioclimatic criteria to reduce energy consumption, the facilities are low-power and we have invested in a geothermal pump to achieve a highly sustainable building.

This large farmhouse surrounded by nature wants to be a welcoming space for those willing to relax, completely unwind and leave the daily routine behind.

We want for our guests to feel at home at Can Alemany while offering them the opportunity to discover our rich Catalan culture.

A highly sustainable building that has used local materials and renewable energy.

The family

A project in which he has believed from the beginning.

Joan is a Catalan businessman who always tries to escape from the conventional and passionate about new challenges. Among his challenges there is Can Alemany: a project in which he has believed from the beginning.

Elisabet is a designer by profession and a neoartisan lover of details, decor and good taste. She has managed to permeate Can Alemany with her spirit.

Of their six children, at Can Alemany you will most likely meet Cristina, that being daughter of an entrepreneur and an illustrator, brings a more administrative, organizational and commercial view to the project.